Monday, June 22, 2009

Fake Righteous Groupies

The FRG is a great organization if it isn't corrupted in your husband's unit. Every FRG I have experienced, and especially the recent one, were horrible. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. If the FRG isn't supportive in your area, leave them alone. It will only get worse. The problem I have found with the FRG are that most wives pull rank. I had one First Sergeant's wife that tried to pull rank on me, and it wasn't pretty. She tried to claim that SHE had a "commander". You don't have a commander unless you are in the military. You are not apart of the military except for being a dependant. I thought she was going to hit me after I said that. She was enraged. See, there is a good example of how childish an army wife can be.

Since that incident, I realized that the FRG shouldn't be by rank. She was an FRG leader and didn't have the maturity to handle it. It should be by leadership skills. That is how they promote in the military. So, why not the FRG. So that is why I call the Family Readiness Group the Fake Righteous Groupies. It is a clique club that is absolutely preposterous and far from what it should be.

Bavarian Donuts

Now for the wives that are new to this.....don't be influenced by these shit filled wives. These wives are like Bavarian donuts. They look sweet on the outside, but instead of the sweet cream in the have shit. Oh, and don't worry, their sweet demeanor will vanish quickly. You will notice their faults fast. They are full of bullshit.No matter what your husband's rank is, you should love him for who he is. Not pushing him to be better so you can rub it in the neighbor's faces. Yes, he has a job like no other. But, it promotes like any other job. So promotion shouldn't even be an issue in your relationship with your spouse. Nor should awards given to your husband. Your husband received them, not you.

In future reference of all army wives reading this, don't ask another wife what her husband's rank is when you first meet her. Who needs to know unless it is a question that is military related. Secondly, don't think you are more important because of your husband's rank. You didn't earn it, so don't boast about it. Thirdly, don't look down on other wives because their husband's rank is lower than your husband's. That is just childish! Get your own life! If you are a mother, you should be proud of that. And, talking about it. If you are a wife that is going to college, talk about that. Not what your husband's rank is or what job he is in. Seriously, there are better things to do than boast about your husband's achievements because you think that makes you important. It doesn't. Face the facts and get over it.

The Crazy And Ridiculous Sticker Fad aka I'm Better Than You

What really makes me laugh are those crazy army wife stickers that say "Proud Army Wife of My SGT", "My Authority Supersedes Your Rank!", or "Cav Wives Are Better". Who gives a rat's ass! I can understand "Proud Wife Of My Soldier" or "Proud Army Wife". But, other than that, you are trying to rub it in other people's faces that you are better than them. Yes, you might be proud of you husband who is a Lieutenant or a Sergeant, but that is NOT your rank. Promotion points are different in every MOS (job), so rubbing it in every face you can throughout post isn't doing much but making you look like an idiotic wife. Soldiers appreciate humble wives, not ones that are so proud they make themselves look like imbeciles. Pride is one thing, but making people want to envy you is another. You didn't earn the rank, so stop parading around with it.

Yes, you might have helped your husband by supporting him. But, I guarantee you that if you supported your husband for being a traveling doctor, you are not going to have a bumper sticker of that on the back of your vehicle. Stop the high school shit! Please! Do you know how much immature wives bug soldiers?

Army Wife Rank

Okay, this is the most important subject in this book in my opinion. DO NOT USE YOUR HUSBAND'S RANK FOR GAIN!!! I really can't say that enough. I really hate it when army wives would try to pull this shit on me. If you don't know what a M249 is, or what a "front-lean rest position" is, or even what a DD214 is .... then don't you fucking dare try to pull rank on people. You are an army wife. Not your husband's rank. You are there to help other wife cope and to support your husband. Not rubbing it in other wives faces what rank "you" are or trying to get your way with it. It is childish and absurd.

I'm sorry, did someone tell you that you went to the promotion board too? Wow, yeah, I think that is what you wish would happen. If you don't go to work all day and earn that rank, then you aren't that rank. Plain and simple.Yes, your husband's rank effects things in your life. Like housing, scholarships, and FRG meetings. But, it isn't suppose to be used to put other people down. If your husband's rank is higher than others, you might have a responsibility to uphold. But, it is nothing compared to what you husband has to go through day in and day out. The most you have to do is being polite and hold FRG meetings. That is it! By the way, the FRG is there to SUPPORT spouses. But, I will get into that later in my book.