Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors

Why is it every time a unit leaves, the wives are targeted for rumors? Shit hits the fan every time a unit is deployed. It is absolute madness to see these wives starting crazy rumors about other wives cheating. It never crosses their mind that husbands don't need to hear this crap half way across the world. They need to concentrate on their job, not what rumors are floating around about their wife. But, no, those wives have to be so self centered. Why do they start these rumors you might ask. Well, boredom is one. Jealousy. Putting the blame on other wives for what they are doing. Or, just maybe, they want them to be as miserable as they are. It can be more than one of those reasons, but it is no excuse for making up stories out of thin air to ruin a marriage because you are insecure.

It seems like the wives that are innocent are the ones accused of cheating on their husbands more than the guilty ones. The guilty ones might not be pinpointed at all for cheating until their husband comes home and sees changes. If you reside on post, the rumors are brutal. If a maintenance worker gets too close to you while he fix your broken A/C, you are sleeping with him. If your neighbor, another army wife, spends too much time with are sleeping with her. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, you can't make these rumor spreading wives happy. And, yes, these are the Bavarian donuts.

More than likely, the Bavarian donuts who start these crazy rumors, are the guilty ones. What's really sad is when they are found out, they have been sleeping with other soldiers. What? One soldier not good enough for you? That one soldier is your spouse and suppose to be your one true love. But, oh wait! That's right. All you wanted was the benefits and the title "Army Wife". Wow, talk about heartless.

Soldiers are fighting for our freedom and to make these countries a better place for those citizens. But, these wives seem to have nothing else better to do than talk shit about other wives behind their back. High school all over again, when they should be supporting their husband fighting for their freedom to be an embarrassment of what the military stands for. How sad.

Been Slacking...

Sorry, I have been slacking. I will post another chapter later today. Since I have noticed the comments have been off the wall since I have been gone, I wanted to remind everyone of something... there is an email on my profile. If you would like to vent or just tell me what exactly you think of me telling the truth about what I have and many other wives have seen day in and day out in the "Army Wife World", just drop me a line there since you can get more words out of it. I will tweak my blog layout later to add a place to put an email address. I just felt like it needed to be said because I find it strange that I left for a few days and find so many negative comments out of the blew. Sorry, if that sounded jumbled, I haven't slept in days (literally) dealing with projects on post. Here is my email in case anyone is itching to tell me what they think of my blog.

I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, so just write away :)