Sunday, June 21, 2009


Army wives, or just military wives, are not like the show on TV. The "Army Wives" show leaves out a lot of juicy details of what "real" army wives do. I am not here to throw army wives in the burner. I am one myself. I am just here to bring some truth and understanding so new wives don't make the same mistake as countless others have. And, just maybe, some will realize their mistakes after reading this. I will be blunt, so I won't be surprised if there will be many controversies with this book.

This book is a guide to army wives. Do not...I repeat DO NOT go by that stupid TV show. It is fiction. It doesn't show the wife down the street cheating on her husband, the wife that leaves her husband for someone higher ranking, the girl that is an "ID Chaser" that will do anything to be supported by a military man so she doesn't have to do shit for the rest of her life, and the list keeps going. One thing that is rare is an army husband causing problems. That is why this book is specifically for the army wife.

A common problem with a new army wife is being sucked in the bullshit. Yes, that is exactly what I mean. The drama, the "I am better than you" attitude, the backstabbing, the pulling of your husband's is so, SO simple to be an army wife. Just be a good wife. You do have an obligation, in my opinion, to know as much about the military as possible. That was easy for me since I served before being an army wife.

If you are offended by now, hang tight for the rest of the book. You will really hate me by the end. If you are interested on how to better you life as an army wife, this is your guideline. Ahead of time, please do not take offense if you are a wife that does none of these things I will talk about in this book. I praise you for not being a part of the worst representation of military manners and discipline. But, at least you learn a few things on how to be the best you can be as a military spouse.