Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boot Camp For Military Daughters

It's one thing to be a military brat, but it is another to train your daughter to chase after soldiers. I have seen this more than once and all those times I had to open my mouth and the mom got pissy at me. The other day, at the PX, a little girl was flirting with an officer in front of her. When he walked away, the mom turned to her and smiled as she said, "Good girl, going after the guys with high ranks." What the hell is that suppose to mean? Another time I was talking to a mom on post that I know and was appalled when she told me how her daughter has a thing for a man in uniform and she tells her she better bring a soldier home when she starts dating. I'm sorry, but have you people lost your minds? Your daughter's main priority should be being happy and in love! Not what her boyfriend wears. Army wife life isn't what it is cracked up to be. So, you are basically telling your pride and joys to be ID chasers? I will give you a brief description on what an ID chaser is for now, but I will explain them better in another chapter. An ID chaser is pretty much a woman that will do anything to get a hold of a soldier, marry him, and live off of him while she sits on her lazy ass and collects the United States government's money and all the benefits. And to top it off, to have the title Army Wife like it is some sort of royalty. Pshhh.

So, anyway, back to the boot camp for your children before I start on that rant. Honestly, making your daughter go after as high ranking as she can get is making her into a slut. Sorry, but it is true. You should be worried about her happiness besides a rank on a uniform. And to say that your daughter has good taste for going after soldiers is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard in my life! Your daughter having good taste for a gentleman that treats her well would be the right answer. If you want your daughter to go after the uniform, you have your priorities wrong and you need to be slapped back into reality. HELLO! THIS ISN'T YOUR OWN LITTLE ARMY WIFE FANTASY WHERE EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE SOOOOOO IMPORTANT FOR BEING A SOLDIER'S WIFE! THIS IS REAL LIFE! REALITY CHECK!