Saturday, July 11, 2009

Been Slacking...

Sorry, I have been slacking. I will post another chapter later today. Since I have noticed the comments have been off the wall since I have been gone, I wanted to remind everyone of something... there is an email on my profile. If you would like to vent or just tell me what exactly you think of me telling the truth about what I have and many other wives have seen day in and day out in the "Army Wife World", just drop me a line there since you can get more words out of it. I will tweak my blog layout later to add a place to put an email address. I just felt like it needed to be said because I find it strange that I left for a few days and find so many negative comments out of the blew. Sorry, if that sounded jumbled, I haven't slept in days (literally) dealing with projects on post. Here is my email in case anyone is itching to tell me what they think of my blog.

I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, so just write away :)